Managing hair removal if you have a physical tremor

Posted on: 24 March 2017

If you have a physical tremor which results in shaky hands it can be hard to shave and get a good finish, whilst also avoid getting shaving cuts and other damage when using a normal razor. Here are some other options for hair removal.

Depilatory creams

If you have trouble with hand stability it can often be easier to apply depilatory cream to the area that you are treating. This application requires less precision and can be much easier to deal with. If you make any errors with the application, it is also easy to remove the cream and avoid removing the hair from that area, whilst errors made when shaving are permanent (at least until the hair grows back!). Some people have issues with skin sensitivity when using depilatory cream so it can be worth looking for a sensitive skin formulation if you tend to have issues with skin irritation. 


Waxing can be another great option as it gives a longer hair free finish and there is some flexibility in time to work the wax after application to get the right shape after application. If you find it hard to apply the wax you can ask a friend or head into a beauty salon to get the correct shape formed. It can be a little painful for some people but getting professional application tends to be a little less painful as the beauty therapist can hold the skin firmly when removing the wax. 

Permanent hair removal

Finally, if the hair removal is a constant and ongoing issue for you, you can look to get permanent hair removal such as laser hair removal. This can be expensive but can be viewed as an investment. This hair removal uses light waves to permanently remove or reduce the amount of hair so can be very useful if you have hair that you always want to be removed (ie not a mustache or beard where you might be looking to change the style of the hair over time).  This is performed by a therapist in a beauty salon or medical centre. 

If you are heading to a beauty salon for waxing or permanent hair removal it is a good idea to warn them that you suffer from tremors so that they can modify any procedures to allow for your issues. A skilled technician can work around this constraint to get you a perfect, hair free finish.